Chiropractic in the Workplace (Workers Compensation)

After headaches and colds, musculoskeletal conditions are the most common reason for taking time off work, and as such, musculoskeletal problems are big contributors to LTI’s. Our musculoskeletal system is not designed to spend long time periods sitting at desks, or repetitively maneuvering weight – both common features of many workplaces.

Utilizing a Chiropractor for manual handling injuries, will enable the treatment of symptoms as soon as they arise, before an injury becomes incapacitating.

The main aims of any individual responsible for reducing Workers Compensation expenditure are:

woman with back pain1) To coordinate the timely management of a workers injury, in an effort to avoid future claim lodgment and;

2) To reduce the frequency & duration of LTI’s.

For early intervention of workplace injuries to be successful, timing is everything. The brief grace-period between the point an injury occurs and the lodgement of a claim provides the opportunity to ‘manage out an injury’ with early intervention treatment. Doing so ensures workers are receiving timely and effective care so they can regain normal function with as little interruption as possible.

Chiropractors not only treat acute symptoms, they are also adept at locating areas of weakness that are generally undetectable to patients which, if left untreated can develop through everyday normal activities like sitting, sleeping or twisting. Such indicators are present in many parts of the body, typically existing as bio-mechanically dysfunctional joints which, for example, could involve lower back dysfunction presentable as a twisted pelvis with uneven leg length.

Contact your local Chiropractor today, and ask them how they can become more involved in reducing your Workers Compensation losses.