SAS Team

simon skenderDr Simon Skender - Principal Chiropractor

Simon was first introduced to the concepts of Chiropractic during a visit to Nepal, to trek to the Everest Base Camp. It was during this venture that he was able to spend time with a fellow hiker, who was a Chiropractor. The learning’s gained from this time re-shaped Simon’s perspective on preventative healthcare for the better – leading to his enrollment into Murdoch University’s 5-year double degree program.

Upon graduation, and following a number of Associate Chiropractor positions in Australia and internationally; SAS Allied Healthcare was created (trading as Craigie Chiropractic & Jindalee Chiropractic). From this point onward, Simon lead with the clear directive that every patient will be listened to openly and treated as an individual.

Earlier on in his professional career, Simon completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement through the University of Western Australia – which led him into the industry of exercise physiology and rehabilitation. His employers included organisations such LA Fitness in London, and Utopian Whole Health and Fitness in Shenton Park. From this, elements associated with sports-bio mechanics have provided Simon with an extra dimension when it comes to diagnosing musculo-skeletal conditions for Chiropractic treatment.